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Aluminium Castings for Ladders and Trestles

Code: UC1319A
Snaplock flat Assembly for scaffolds
Flat fits into side stile DE and SL of ladders
Snaplock Flat Assembly Code: UC1925
Medium Ladder Block
Fits SL ladder stiles and UA1191 (40 x 6 flat). Used for pit ladders.
Medium Ladder Blocks
Code: UC1926
Large Ladder block
Fits SL ladder stiles and UA1192 (50 x 6 flat). Used for pit ladders.
Large  Ladder Blocks Code: UC1927
Scaffold hook for ladders
Fits into side stile of scaffold ladder and
hooks onto scaffold tube
Scaffold Ladder Hooks
Code: UC1928
NO 2 Ladder hook (each side)
Used on GRDE S2 (D rung)
No2  Ladder Hook Code: UC1929
No. 3 Ladder hook (each side)
Used on DE and TE
NO 3 Ladder Hook
Code: UC1931
Swivel foot for ladders
Fits onto bottom of ladders
Ladder Swivel Foot Code: UC1935A
Trestle hinge complete
Used on tradesman trestles
Trestle Hinge
Code: UC1990
HDS Ladder Hinge

Cast hinge block for heavy duty step ladder range
UC1990 HDS Ladder Hinge   Pdf file of the section
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