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Ullrich Aluminium Castings Catalogue
Ullrich Aluminium Castings Catalogue

Aluminium Castings for Scaffolds and Ladders

Ladder accessories

Code: UC1302
Scaffold lock clamp

Leverlock male joiner - mates with UC1301
fits on to UA1309 (48.6 x 2.3 tube)

Modular Bracket Code: UC1309
Scaffold end plank

Plugs into UA3019
Scaffold End Cap
Code: UC1317
Scaffold single ends

Leverlock Scaffold sleeve -
fits over UA3019 (48.6 x 2.3 tube)
Leverlock Scaffold sleeve

Code: UC1303
Scaffold 45° joint

Leverlock joint - fits over UA3019 (48.6 x 2.3 Tube)
UA2268 (32 x 2 tube) spiggots onto 45° joint branch

Scaffold 45 Joint
Code: UC1310
Scaffold T joints

Leverlock scaffold tee - fits UA3019 (48.6 x 2.3
tube) both branches
Small Gate Hinge Round Hole

Code: UC1306
Scaffold tube bracket clamp

Bolts to wall - female leverlock mates with UC1301
Used for removable signs etc.

Scaffold Tube Bracket Clamp

Code: UC1304
Scaffold Y joints

Leverlock joint - fits over UA3019 (48.6 x 2.3 Tube)
UA2268 (32 x 2 tube) spiggots on to 45°branches

Leverlock Y Joint Code: UC1308
Scaffold outrigger clamps

Clamping jaw - part of of outrigger clamp assembly UC1802
Scaffold Outrigger Clamp
Code: UC1301
Scaffold lock caps

Leverlock female joiner -
mates with UC1302
fits on to UA1309 (48.6 x 2.3 tube)
Leverlock Female Joiner Code: UC1307
Scaffold universal joint

Universal joint - plugs into UA3019
(48.6 x 2.3 tube) -
Used for outrigger clamps and foot plates
Scaffold Universal Joint
Code: UC1315A
Scaffold snaplock assembly

Leverlock snaplock - fits into and over UA3019
(48.6 x 2.3 tube)
Scaffold Snaplock Assembly Code: UC1201
Scaffold platform hook

Offset scaffold platform hook - fits into UA3114
Offset scaffold platform hook
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