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Comparative Characteristics and Applications of Aluminium

Alloy Characteristics Available forms Typical uses
1305 'Commercially pure' aluminium. Very ductile in extruded condition. Excellent resistance to corrosion. Excellent electrical conductivity. Simple shapes. Mouldings, lightly stressed and decorative assemblies in architecture and transport, chemical, food and brewing iequipment; heat exchangers.
6060 Suitable for intricate sections of light and medium strength. Forms well in T1 and T5 temper. High corrosion resistance. Good surface finish. Anodises well. All shapes. tubing, rod. Light structural and architectural extrusions such as glazing bars, window frames and general purpose extrusions.
6106 Light structural alloy. Designed to provide an optimum combination of mechanical properties, complexity of shape, minimum section thickness and good surface finish together with good corrosion resistance, weldability and formability. Thinner structural shapes, rod, bar and tubing. Structural applications, ladders, pylons and towers. Railcars and marine applications. Automotive structures.
6261 Special purpose structural alloy. Good surface finish and corrosion resistance. Good formability in T4 temper. Good weldability. Structural shapes of all types, rod, bar and tube, offered in the T6 temper. Structural applications where surface finish is important . Yacht masts, road transport sections, and ladder sections.
6082 Recommended alloy for structural purposes. Good strength and general corrosion resistance. Good weldability. Structural shapes of all types; rod, bar and tube, offered in the T6 temper. Vehicles, bridges, roof trusses and general structural applications.
2011 Free machining alloy of medium strength giving fragmented chips. Not suitable for anodising or welding. Rod Automatic lathe products, suitable for high speed repetitive machining..

Description of Tempers
F Extrusions as fabricated
O Extrusions annealed
T1 Cooled from elevated temperature then naturally aged
T4 Solution heat treated then naturally aged
T5 Cooled from elevated temperature then artificially aged
T6 Solution heat treated then artificially aged
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