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Joint Sealants

Ullrich supply a wide range of joint sealants, including Flamex One, Flamex Two, Secomastic, Silaflex B, Silaflex C, Silaflex MS, Silaflex N, Silaflex NG, Silaflex RTV and Uraflex Extra joint sealants.

Product Description / Compliance Uses
Flamex One Flexible, intumescent sealant. This fire sealant is based on an acrylic emulsion system which, on exposure to fire, swells and provides a barrier to hot gases and flame. Colours: white and grey. Other colours to special order. Fire performance in accordance with: BS 476: Part 20: 1987 (UK). Sealants for bedding and sealing fire rated building components, particularly fire protection panels. Installing and sealing fire door frames and other low-movement joint sealing applications such as an acoustical sealant in dry-lined constructions.
Flamex Two  Two part, exterior intumescent, polysulphide joint sealant which, on exposure to fire, swells forming a structure which insulates and provides a barrier to hot gases and flame. At other times, Flamex operates as an elastomeric high-performance building sealant. Colour: grey. Fire performance in accordance with: BS 476: Part 20: 1987. Conforms to performance requirements of BS 4254: 1983 (UK). Exterior expansion and construction joint sealants in concrete and in blockwork and brickwork walls, particularly in compartment walls. Also seismic joints.
Secomastic Economic sealants, oleo resinous joint sealing compound – gun-applied.
Colours: white, silver grey, and bronze.
General bedding and sealing of sills, frames, perimeter sealing to window and door frames, particularly timber in low rise buildings.
Silaflex B One part, neutral curing, gun-applied, low modulus silicone rubber sealant. Supplied in cartridges. Can accommodate high movement; durable and resistant to temperature extremes. Colours: black, grey, white. Conforms to: BS 5889: 1989 Type A (UK). US Federal Specification TT-S-1543A (US). ASTM C920 Clause 25. DIN 18540: 1980 (German). Sealing joints between lightweight building components, GRP panels, high movement joints in concrete, stone and metals.
Silaflex C One part low modulus neutral curing silicone sealant. Colour: white. MAF approved. NZ Steel approved. Specially designed for refrigeration and coolroom applications, such as between panel joints.
Silaflex MS One part, gun-applied, low modulus modified silicone sealant with a neutral curing mechanism. Has excellent unprimed adhesion and can be painted after two hours. It does not stain concrete, granite or other masonry surfaces. Colours: white and grey. Other colours available on request. Sealing joints in concrete panels, marble, granite, brick and block work. Ideal for sealing around powder coated aluminium windows.
Silaflex N One part neutral cure gun grade silicone sealant. NZ Steel approved. A sealant for roofing and other sheet metal joints. Also for metal to timber or concrete joints.
Silaflex NG Fast neutral cure, new generation silicone sealant which provides a permanent watertight seal. Supplied in 375ml cartridges and 125mil tubes. Colours: White, Almond Ivory, Mist Grey and Apricot. For sealing joints in and around showers, baths, basins and other wet areas in kitchens. For refrigeration seals and other hygiene applications. Contains mould inhibitors. Exceptionally good adhesion to acrylic showers and baths.
Silaflex RTV One part, acid curing, gun-applied, silicone-rubber sealant. Supplied in cartridges. Colours: black, clear, almond ivory, mist grey, apricot, bronze and white. Conforms to: BS 5889: 1989, Type ‘B’ (UK). DIN Standard 18545 Parts 1-3 (German). In areas where hygiene is important: kitchen fitments, tiled walls, showers, sanitary ware, fixtures in operating theatres. Also for glazing applications.
Uraflex Extra One part gun grade polyurethane sealant. Pointable. Colours: grey, while, black and bronze. For sealing between concrete panels, around window frames and between timber and aluminium building components.
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