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Ullrich supply a range of construction adhesives including adhesives for roofing membranes. Adhesives for heating and ventilating industries, also for ducting, spouting & gap joints in metal seam-sealing in coach-building and panel-beating.

Product Description / Compliance Uses
Contacbond A range of brush and spray grade contact adhesives. For general construction adhesion including laying butyl roofing membranes.
Epoxy Adhesive NS Non-slump epoxy adhesive. Where gaps in excess on 2mm must be filled.
Epoxy Adhesive TS Fast setting, non-slump epoxy adhesive.Non-slump epoxy adhesive. Where rapid cure is necessary.
Metal Seal A one part, synthetic rubber/resin solvent-based gap filling adhesive and sealant for metal ducting and flashings etc. For heating and ventilating, ducting, spouting & gap joints in metal seam-sealing in coach-building & panel-beating.
Panelbond Low solvent containing gun grade adhesive. Gap filling properties. For adhesion of wall panels of all materials including polystyrene.
SB Adhesive Sealant based gun grade gap filling wallboard adhesive with fast grab. For adhesion of wall and ceiling linings to framing of timber, steel or cement.
WB Adhesive Water based flexible gun grade adhesive. For adhesion of wall, ceiling and floor linings where a flexible bond is required.

Adhesive Tapes

A full range of self adhesive tapes is available on request. Aluminium foil tapes, single and double-sided foam tapes, electrical and plastic film joining tapes, masking tapes, light and heavy duty packaging tapes, waterproof cloth tapes and many other tapes. (Orders may be subject to minimum quantities.)

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