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Flashband - self adhesive bitumen weatherproofing strips

Flashband weatherproofing strip

EVO-STIK Flashband is a self adhesive bitumen weatherproofing strip, faced with Aluminium. Flashband bonds to a wide range of substrates forming a durable barrier, which is watertight and weatherproof.


  • For emergency repairs to prevent expensive damage caused by leaking roofs and gutters.
  • Provides an instant water tight seal
  • Quick and easy to use. Lasts for up to 15 years (BBA Certificate)
  • No special tools required for application. Can be applied in damp weather
  • FLASHBAND Primer available for difficult surfaces

Roofs (compatible with Zincalume), Guttings, Flashings, Pipes, replacement of lead surfaces, Glasshouses and Conservatories.

Adheres to:
Without primer - Glass and Metal
With primer - Brickwork, Concrete and Timber

Applying Flashband in Cold Weather:
Where it is safe to do so FLASHBAND application can be made easier by warming the surface to which it is to be fixed.
Alternatively, gently warm the reverse side fo the FLASHBAND.


A full range of self adhesive tapes is available on request - Aluminium foil tapes, single and double-sided foam tapes, electrical and plastic film joining tapes, masking, light and heavy duty packaging tapes, waterproof cloth tapes and many more. (Orders may be subject to minimum quantities.)

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