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Ullrich Aluminium manufacture a large range of commercial ladders, mobile platforms, trestles, silo ladders, and those for specialised operations i.e. orchard, forestry, attic, fibreglass for the electrical industry.The Ullrich range includes painters ladders and they also supply Hymer telescopic ladders and trestles and Scorpro roofing ladders. Ullrich ladders and accessories are designed and built to a policy of continual product improvement giving added workplace safety, comfort and durability.

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Why buy an Ullrich ladder?

Ullrich Alumium have been manufacturing aluminium ladders for over 50 years. The Ullrich Easylift brand is iconic in New Zealand simply because of the quality and reliability of the Tradesman Quality product.

Ullrich use only 100% primary metal in the manufacture of not just ladders but ALL the products they sell. The use of remelt product is foreign to their beliefs. If the product is to be of the highest quality you have to start at the beginning by using the best quality product available.

At Ullrich a rigorous, fully traceable quality control system is in place during the manufacturing process to maintain the standard that they are famous for.

Buying New Zealand made is a simple way to get peace of mind, and helps the New Zealand economy. The benefit of knowing your supplier and being able to talk to them face to face is in itself a bonus.

Ullrich have 17 branches nationwide in New Zealand and offer a free ladder assessment for repair or replacement. The repair service includes a 'warrant of fitness' or annual inspection service to get your Ullrich ladder back to an operable standard.

Part of the problem for consumers in their choice making is that aluminium ladders look the same but they are not. The easiest way to clarify this is to look for the label that testifies that the product is made to a recognised standard.

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