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Aluminium Painters Tradesman Trestles and Planks TT, TP& DST Series

Features of these Tradesman planks

  • Sturdy aluminium construction for added durability and safety
  • Heavy-duty, surface-gripping rubber infills enhance stability
  • All planks are 227mm wide and 50mm deep

Planks TT & TP

TP Plank specs

  • Features - exceeds Standards Specification ASNZS 1892.1:1996

Painters Trestles

TT Model Tradesman Trestles

TP Plank specs

DST2-800 Double sides trestle

DST2-800 Wide Painters Trestles

TP Plank specs

Specifications DST2-800 Wide Trestles

Safety details of Planks, Trestles and DST2-800 Wide Trestles:

  • Heavy duty rubber grips
  • Heavy duty double rivetting
  • Planks must be supported every 3.0m max
  • Plank - Safe working load per supported span 205 Kg
  • Tresle - Safe working load 120 Kg

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