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Commercial Aluminium Ladders
Ullrich ladders are a step above the rest for strength, durability and safety on the job!

Aluminium Painters Trestles

Ultimate Aluminium Trestles and Handrails for painters and other trades

  • Safe working load 150 Kg
  • Strong but lightweight aluminium construction
  • Sturdy fully welded construction for added durability and safety
  • Heavy duty rubber feet
  • Ground levelling feet extendable to 300mm
  • Height adjustment by simple spring clip
  • Exceeds Standards Specification ASNZS 1892.1:1996

Ultimate Aluminium Trestles for painters

Tested and approved to the following:

  • AS/NZ 1170.1:2002 Structural Design Actions
  • AS/NZ 1576.1:2010 Scaffolding General Requirements
  • AS 1657-1992 Appendices B and C Fixed Platform, Walkway, Ladder Design, Construction and Installation
Specification of Ultimate Trestles      
ID CODE Weight Size Rating
LADTTW 1.80 12.0kg 1.80m 150 Kg
LADTTW 2.40 16.0kg 2.40m 150 Kg
LADTTW 3.00 20.0kg 3.00m 150 Kg
LADTTW 3.60 24.0kg 3.60m 150 Kg
LADTTW 4.20 28.0kg 4.20m 150 Kg

Alunium Trestle Handrail System which fits Ulltimate trestles

The trestle handrails are of all aluminium construction, strong and lightweight. Outriggers also available.

Ultimate Aluminium Trestles and Handrails for painters

Safety details:
Safe working load 150 Kg
and fully welded construction

Features of Ullrich Painters Planks -TP Series

  • Sturdy aluminium construction for added durability and safety
  • Heavy-duty, surface-gripping rubber infills enhance stability
  • All planks are 227mm wide and 50mm deep

Planks TT & TP

Specification for Planks      
ID CODE Weight Length Rating
TP 3.0 12.4kg 3.0m

205 Kg

TP 4.0 16.4kg 4.0m 205 Kg
TP 5.0 20.4kg 5.0m 205 Kg
TP 6.0 24.4kg 6.0m 205 Kg
  • Planks must be supported every 3 metres max.
  • Safe working load per supported span 205 Kg

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