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Moulding Extrusions - for awnings and drip mouldings

Ullrich manufacture a range of moulding extrusions - download pdf file of moulding extrusions. The range includes Double sided awning rails, awning drip rails, light awning rails, light and heavy bus drip rails and standard awning rails. Also a range of Herzim infill mouldings. Note: Not all aluminium extrusions are available ex stock - check with your local branch for availability.

Awning and drip mouldings

Download pdf file of moulding extrusions. © ULLRICH ALUMINIUM CO LTD.

Extruded moulding aluminium extrusions:

UA 1406 double sided awning rails
UA 1407 awning drip rails
UA 1408 light awning rails
UA 1409 UA 1410 UA 1412 UA 1414 drip rails
UA 1411 light bus drip rails
UA 1413 heavy bus drip rails
UA 1608 standard awning rails
AUS 5287 flanged sail tracks
UA 6074 double sided rails
UA 6553 flanged awning rails

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