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Sealium® Extrusions

Seluim extrusions for vessel manufacturing

This specification describes the properties and characteristics of Sealium® marine grade extrusions, created and delivered by Alcan Marine.

With best advantages specifically for aluminium designers, builders, operators and owners of modern technically advanced light marine crafts, Sealium® extrusions offer new ways to:

  • Reduce total costs of metallic hull structure (after assembling)
  • Radically improve vessel performance with the best available mechanical and corrosion resistance
  • Reduce weight and increase interior space


Sealium® extrusions combine the best available aluminium alloy for marine applications with optimised section designs.

Sealium® extrusions are to be used when a stronger aluminium structure is required, and whenever weight reduction or increased interior space is crucial.

Sealium® extrusions perform best when used with Sealium® sheets and plates to give the best overall structural performance from same alloy construction.

  • Best strength available for marine applications (e.g. 26% higher welded Yield Stress than 6082)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Increased interior space
  • Intelligent shapes
  • Improved fatigue behaviour
  • Greater scantling flexibility
  • Greater recycling value for the entire Sealium® welded assembly

Drawing and dimensions
Two types of sections are available:

  • Tees and bulb-flats. Various dimensions are available as standard, from 50 mm to 140 mm.Further technical information can be downloaded at www.alcan-marine.com
  • Shapes and dimensions have been specially designed to offer naval architects and boat builders new perspectives with optimised shapes to provide the best balance between highest section modulus, lowest weight and smallest dimensions.

Any other specific shape may be created on request.

Comparison study
Better material and more effective section designs bring key advantages as described in the following examples:


Effective section modulus is the geometric section modulus with the material strength contribution considered (material strength factored as per DNV fl factor, with 6082 as the reference alloy).

Chemical Composition


Mechanical properties


Sealium® extrusions are delivered in the H112 Temper.
As information, welded Sealium® shows a Rp0.2 minimal value of 145 Mpa or 21 ksi to be comared to 115 Mpa or 17 ksi for standard 6082 alloy. this value is considered by the main classification societies.

Reference specification
Alcan Marine specification: Pat PR-001.

Class approval
Sealium® extrusions can be delivered with a certification stamp from one of the major classification societies.

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