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Aluminium Composite Panels for Signage - Ulltrasign

Ulltrasign aluminium composite panels are widely used for display, signage, as signboards and for advertising panels.

  • Ulltrasign Composite Panel has a three layer composite structure.
  • Aluminium sheet (standard thickness 0.30mm) covers both sides
  • The panel is surface coated with PE (polyester) paint
  • The central core is low density polyethylene


Ulltrasign aluminium composite panel is well known for its main characteristics such as:

  • Pre-painted, light weight panel
  • Good paintable smooth surface
  • High quality colour consistency
  • Very even, flat surface
  • Surface enables precise printing
  • High strength
  • Easily fabricated and with good flexibility
  • Easily maintained
  • Excellent sound insulation


  • Standard colour range as per chart shown below - sample swatches are available
  • Various colour combinations and finishes available on each side. Check on range and availability of stocked items
  • A variety of surface finishes are available
  • Surface coated with PE (polyester) paint
  • Sign panels can have different colours on each side - see below for various combinations
  • Colours shown are an indicative representation only - For colour accuracy ask for a panel sample
  • Note: Not all products are available ex-stock, check with your local branch for advice on availability

Ulltrasign Panel Colour Range

Signboard aluminium composite panel colours

Ulltrasign Applications:

  • Signage and displays
  • Advertisement boards
  • Creative interior decoration
  • Recommended for use as a Signage Panel
  • Sign Panel is Not Approved for use as an exterior building cladding

Panel Sizes:

  • 2440 x 1220 x 4mm
  • 3000 x 1500 x 4mm
  • 3600 x 1500 x 4mm
  • 4800 x 1500 x 4mm
  • Other sizes on request, minimum quantity applies
  • Aluminium skin thickness: 0.30mm, 0.20mm, 0.15mm
  • Optional 3mm panel also available in limited panel sizes and colours
  • Note: Not all products are available ex-stock, check with your local branch for advice on availability

Technical Data and Panel Sizes

Ulltrasign ACP for Sign and Display Polyester Coating Warranty

This warranty pertains to the polyester coating system with one coat polyester quality on the surface of the aluminium composite sign panel.
In regards to weather resistance the polyester coating has a consistent colour aging of white over 10 years and approximately 5 years for all other colours. This is dependent upon the panels being used in standard project locations and under normal conditions.

Normal conditions exclude the following:
Corrosive or aggressive environments e.g. wind-borne sand, chemicals or chemical fumes, contamination by salt spray, submersion in water and airborne fumes or liquids.
Damage to the product caused by cut edges exposed to the environment.
Damage such as scratching caused in storage, handling, processing, during or after installation.

Panels must be cleaned frequently
It is recommended that the panels be cleaned with a fluff free cloth using warm water (20-30° C) mixed with a neutral detergent. After cleaning, panels should be washed down with cold water.
DO NOT USE any powerful alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, or any powerful acidic products or scouring agents.
DO NOT STORE in rain, wet areas or areas with high condensation.

panel processing


  1. By means of a knife at 90° bevel angle, the right angle configuration containing an inner angle r=3mm can be manufactured
  2. The acute angle (45°) configuration containing an inner angle r=2mm can be manufactured by means of a knife at 135° bevel angle
  3. The right angle (45°) configuration containing an inner angle r=7mm can be manufactured by means of a knife at a flat angle


  • Grooving and bending process environment temperature is over 20°
  • The exterior aluminium skin should be visible through the polyethylene core at the valley of the rout. V grooving bottom should not reach the back of the aluminium skin and leave about 0.2 - 0.4mm of polyethylene core. Extreme care should be taken not to touch the exterior aluminium skin with the blade. Slight variation can occur due to the thickness changes in the sheet; constant depth of the rout ensures a smooth line when the edge is folded
  • By grooving only one side, the sheet can either be bent upward or downward to create either an inside or outside corner
  • Note that as a result of the slight radius produced when bending, your finished panel dimensions will be 2 - 4mm larger.

Technical Data and Panel Sizes

Download pdf of brochure of signage panels

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