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Aluminium extrusions... virtually any shape desired by the customer can be produced

Extrusion Terminology

Standard shape - ex-stock extrusions available to all customers.

Exclusive shape - exclusive shape- extrusions manufactured to client design and produced for their exclusive use. These are not published in our catalogue.

Standard - alloys, tempers, dimensions and services which are always available and can be accepted for production without further reference.

Non-standard - is applied to those alloys, tempers, dimensions and services which are outside normal availability and always the subject of special inquiry.

Section drawings - profile outline drawings prepared for every extruded shape. Each one is identified by a die number (e.g. UA 1234).

Visible Face - In a finished construction, the visible surface of any extrusion.

Perimeter - is the distance around the periphery of the extruded shapes.

External - the measurement used in computing the price for surface finishes on hollow shapes in which the external perimeter only is measured, and the internal void excluded.

Factor - result of dividing the total perimeter (internal and external for hollow shapes) of the section in millimetres by weight in kg/metre.

Circumscribing circle - minimum circle inside which the extruded shapes fit precisely.

Thickness Ratio - optimum desirable ratio of variation of metal thickness in any extruded shape.

Rod - solid round section, 10 mm or greater in diameter whose length is great in relation to its diameter.

Bar - solid section, long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions, with a symmetrical square, rectangular, hexagonal, or octagonal cross-section (excluding flattened wire) with sharp or rounded corners or edges and whose width or greatest distance between parallel faces is 10 mm or greater.

Solid Shape - extruded shape whose geometry does not form a void and which is long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions.

Hollow Shape - single enclosed void with a width to depth ratio of not less than 5:1. Wall thickness should be uniform except for radiused corners.

Semi-hollow Shape - solid shape with a cross-section that partially encloses a void, in which the area of the void is substantially greater than the square of the width of the gap, otherwise classified as a hollow as follows.

Gap Dimensions (G) (mm) Ratio area-to-gap over which shape is classified hollow
Over Up to  
6.0   4.0
3.0 6.0 3.0
1.5 3.0 2.5
1.5 2.0  
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