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Tekna Equipment and Machinery Unavailable at present *

Tekna Double Mitre Saws TK 145/10 & TK 145/M

TK145/10 Head displacement through motor saw

TK145/M Head manual displacement saw

  • A long and reliable life of the machine is ensured by its weight
  • Safety during operation
  • Very good cutting capability
Double Mitre Saw

TK145/M Head manual displacement saw

Double Mitre Saw
Safety device to avoid any compression between head and mullion (TK145/10) Double Mitre Saw
Optional device for loading from RH side Double Mitre Saw

Goniometer for intermediate degrees setting (from 22.5° to 90°)

Head rotation shock absorbers

Double Mitre Saw

Chips and swarf venting downwards through the head

Linear lining brake for head locking

Double Mitre Saw

Swarfs and chips chute

Handwheel for manual displacement

Double Mitre Saw

Conveyor belt for chips/swarfs evacuation

Head displacement speed: 18m/min. (TK145/10)

Dimension accuracy: 1/10mm (TK145/10)

Double Mitre Saw

Saw Electronics

TK145/10 Electronic device featuring the following characteristics:
  • Dimensions positioning device for single cuts and series of cuts
  • Storage-in-memory and performance of series of cuts
  • Storage-in-memory of profile codes and heights for the automatic calculation of 45° cutting dimension
  • Head rotation management
  • Optional Floppy disk drive for optimization from programs prepared externally

For safety reasons, the mobile head reaches automatically dimension 540mm.

Shorter dimensions can be obtained only by pressing a key.


TK145/M Optional Digital read-out to make reading of dimensions easier

Standard Equipment for saws

  • 400mm diameter blades
  • 145/10 - Electronic positioning device

Optional Equipment for saws

  • 145/10 - Swarfs and chips conveyor belt
  • Floppy disk drive
  • Roller table for RH loading
  • 145/M - Digital read-out

* We are unable to offer the Tekna range at present as their company is going through an ownership change
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