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Extruded Aluminium Bends

Extruded Aluminium Bends are also available in mild steel and stainless steel.

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provides a cost effective solution to tube bending
The sophisticated software of the ADDATA measuring centre lets us scan a pipe and calculate the intersection points using standard CNC co-ordinates of X,Y,Z.

This data is downloaded to the ADDISON DB76 bending machine via a LAN and converted into the “forward,rotate and bend ”(Y,B,C.)actions needed to bend a shape on the specified CLR.


After calculating the material cut to lemgth (CTL) data such as lubrication,load position,Y,B,C speed’s, mandrel retraction and bend sequence are added then a “first off ” pipe is bent using a “teach ” mode and compared to original specifications.

Programmes are easily recalled by the push of a button, bent in various metals, altered to suit new tools or to reduce tube waste.

Extruded Aluminium Bends are also available in mild steel and stainless steel

Tooling is the critical link to bending any round or square tube as it determines the profile of the bend, production rates, scrap loss, CNC accuracy and the overall quality of the finished product.

The bend die is measured by its centre line radius (CLR)and as a ratio of the tube diameter (OD)-eg a 75mm CLR die to bend 50mm OD tube is a 1.5D application.

Modern auto and engineering applications call for tight radii bends in light wall tubes.These usually require a wiper die to feed the material into the bend die plus a mandrel inside the tube to stop the wall collapsing or wrinkling.

A multi ball type mandrel is the most common design and made of hardened steel,plastic or a special ammco bronze to bend stainless steel.


Common Die Set


Mandrels are internally lubricated to provide consistent springback and are retracted inside the tube just before the bending machine reaches the required degree of bend.

A different mandrel is required for each wall size of the same OD tube and the number of balls used is dependent on the wall to OD ratio against the CLR to tube OD ratio.

With our ADDATA tube scanning and measuring centre plus our sophisticated TUBEFORM software we can provide the specific tooling required for any bending job within minutes.


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