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Aluminium Cope Mould Extrusions

Ullrich manufacture a range of cope mould extrusions.download pdf file of cope mould extrusions.

Note: Red IndicatesMILL RUN ONLY, Non-Stocked Item. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 200kg. Contact your local branch to enquire.

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Cope Moulds    

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Extrusion DIE No. Dimensions Type Drawing W P Ix Iy Mi
  UA1501 18.49 x 18.49 Cope Mould 0.180 67.00 2275.11 650.34 29254.50
  UA1500 23.80 x 8.26 Cope Mould 0.148 59.00 135.90 2009.69 21455.90
  UA1499 34.43 x 14.53 Cope Mould 0.345 87.00 717.06 11110.63 118276.90
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