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Aluminium fencing and gates

Ullrich manufacture a range of aluminium fences and gates. Standard Fence Panels and Gates are kept in stock. Take advantage of our Free Measure & Quote Service for your fencing project. Click here for a list of fencing extrusions.

Ullrich fences and gates are manufactured from sturdy aluminium alloy materials with baked enamel finishes for:

  • low maintenance
  • weather resistance
  • long life
  • added security
  • good appearance
  • increased property value
  • lightweight ease of use
  • robust construction

Fences and gatesbrochure

Our aluminium fences and gates will enhance your home and increase your property’s value. Our fencing and gates are robustly constructed and are lightweight and easy to use and have decorative spearheads available.

Enjoy greater home security with high quality aluminium fencing which also has the added advantage of easy care. Ullrich Fencing and Gates are manufactured from sturdy aluminium alloy materials with attractive powdercoated finishes.

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Fences and gates

Ullrich fences and gates are designed to suit your individual requirements for:

  • infill fencing
  • swimming pool fences and enclosures
  • boundary fencing
  • gates for private entrances
  • commercial car parking gates
  • childrens' playground fences
  • sacred ground declarations

Baked enamel finishes are available in a wide range of colours

Decorative spearheads

A range of decorative cappings for fences and gates is available on request and can be made to order to suit your design requirements.


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