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Modular Design System - assembles in minutes

Handyman™ Modular Furniture Extrusions

The Ullrich Handyman® Modular Furniture system employs an adaptable tube-and-joiner modular construction concept for DIY custom-designed furniture, shelving, storage and display units. This aluminium square-tube furniture system assembles in minutes, using only a plastic mallet, ready to accept horizontal and vertical panels of your choice. The sturdy, lightweight construction disassembles for transit or storage and can be rearranged or extended for changing circumstances.

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Modular Computer Desk

Note: Red Indicates – MILL RUN ONLY, Non-Stocked Item. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 200kg. Contact your local branch to enquire.

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Modular Furniture    

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Extrusion DIE No. Dimensions Type Drawing W P Ix Iy Mi
 FRAME 25MM UA1642 25.40 x 25.40 Handyman Furniture System 0.313 101.00 11353.54 11353.54 227070.80
 FLANGED FRAME 25MM UA1641 31.90 x 25.40 Handyman Furniture System 0.341 114.00 11359.79 14133.19 254929.80
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