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Leverlock aluminium and FIbreglass Mobile Scaffolds - Painters Scaffolding

Ullrich supply Leverlock aluminium Mobile Scaffolds [see details on page below] and fibgreglass construction Mobile Scaffolds (Click link to go that information).

Aluminium mobile scaffold towers are fully compliant with standards for Mobile Towers - various models and sizes to buy or hire.

Work safely at heights with a Ullrich mobile scaffolds. Excellent for painters and many trades, they are lightweight, sturdy and durable.

Mobile Scaffolds, moving scaffolding


  • Fully compliant with standards for Mobile Towers
  • Sturdy aluminium construction for added durability and safety
  • Various models and sizes available
  • Available for hire

Safety details: Maximum platform load 220Kg

Painters ladders and scaffolding are available for hire at most Ullrich Branches.

Components below:

Mobile scaffolding strong and secure

Mobile scaffolding for painters

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

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