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Scorpro 3D Climbing Frame Ladders

World famous Scorpro 3D climbing frames are now available at Ullrich Aluminium nationwide, excellent for painters ladders.

  • Scorpro ladders can be set down on any irregular or sloping ground
  • These climbing frames can be leant against any flat or irregular surface
  • With Scorpro roof ladders, only one rail needs to be leant against a secure face or corner
  • You can climb either inside or outside the rungs of these painting ladders
  • Excellent ladders for use on staircases


Scorpro 3D climbing frame

Features of Scorpro ladders

  • The trades foot option has a tommy bar locking for ladder use against flat surfaces to prevent sliding cross them
  • Curved rung gives incredible support along the foot, to prevent tired legs and feet
  • No loose ropes to get tangled in
  • Superior soft grip rope for raising and lowering of extension, to prevent rope burns
  • The entire frame is welded on these painters ladders resulting in an incredible torsion strong frame, with no loosening with age, as with most other ladders
  • Easy adjustable extendible rubber pads, to compensate for wear, are fitted to trades foot option
  • Easy to carry as the carrying arm can be crossed through the rung
  • The frame can be used as a stretcher by zipping on a special sleeve, which then allows a person to be carried in comfort and safety by virtue of the sag of the sleeve in the upward curved frame
  • Available with a comprehensive list of attachments and accessories not available with other ladders
  • Made from structural grade aluminium, stainless steel tube, bolts and spring
  • You can work off the ladder, front on, side on, back on and even squat, if so desired. No other ladder gives this option

Find out more at www.scorpro.co.nz

Scorpro 3D climbing frame

Scorpro 3D climbing frame, rolling gear

Scorpro 3D tripod climbing frame and swivel foot

Scorpro 3D combination and extension climbing frame and swivel foot

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