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Fibreglass Extension Ladders GR Series

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  • Tradesman ladders with sturdy construction for added durability and safety
  • They exceed standards specification for aluminium alloy ladders ASNZS 1892.1:1996
  • Heavy-duty, surface-gripping rubber ends for stability
  • High visibility red rung to indicate maximum safe climbing height (GRCS when in A-frame position).
  • Non conductive Fibreglass framing

Fibreglass Step and Extension Ladders GR Series

Automatic Ladder Levellers
LADLEVEL-EZE for fibreglass ladders
LADLEVEL-EZEAL for aluminium ladders

Ullrich Ladders

Safety Details of Ladder

  • Fibregaslass ladders with heavy-duty rubber grips
  • Screwed triangular rungs
  • Heavy-duty double rivetting
  • High visibility red safety rung

Ullrich Ladders

Ullrich Ladders

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