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The Extrusion Process - D10

In the extrusion of aluminium, long billets are cut to manageable lengths, heated to 400 °C to 500 °C then fed into a container heater of the extruder. The billet is then pushed through the die by hydraulic force to form the extruded shape.

In this process , the quality of the extruded profile is influenced by the billet temperature, die temperature, extrusion speed and other technical conditions, and rigid quality control constraints are required throughout.

The extruded profile is tensed with a pulling mechanism and cooled in transit from the runout table. Flexure, torsion and other irregularities generated in extrusion and cooling are removed in this process.

The length of the extrusion at this stage is about 20 to 40 metres. It is then cut into shorter lengths as required.

Typical preliminary processes for more complex extrusions:

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