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Modular Barriers, Screens and Gates for safety in the workplace install ULLTRASCREEN

ULLTRASCREEN Modular Barriers are the easy, economical method to protect your business and improve security and safety at your factory and workplace. Current legislation places responsibility on all businesses to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public. 'ULLTRASCREEN Modular Barriers' can be used to create safety zones by restricting entry or the isolation of hazardous areas and or equipment. These barriers provide safety in the work place at factories, warehouses and other industrial uses; Retail stores, malls; Kiosks; Galleries; Sport facilities and fitness centres.

  • Modular barriers that are light and strong - aluminium framing uses 40 x 40 mm 4 track vertical posts and horizontal rails 60 x 20mm with double lock
  • Modular design that is quick and easy to assemble with an allen key
  • Extra modules can be easily added if required
  • Vertical posts have either adjustable floor guides or fixing plates
  • Standard units can be fitted with lockable aluminium door/s
  • Infill panels can be standard secure mesh, ACM aluminium panelling, clear polycarbonate or a simple mixture of them

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Modular barriers

Modular barriers

Modular aluminium barriers brochure
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