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Company Profile - Ullrich Aluminium Custom Design

Creation of Aluminium Extrusions - Ullrich Aluminium design and build exclusive shapes

Thinking about having an aluminium extrusion made? The options of shape design are endless. We can help make your design ideas become a reality.

aluminium extrusions custom made

We can assist you with the design of your own exclusive aluminium extrusion by providing you with free technical advice in design, shape and practicability. Furthermore we will provide free of charge fully dimensioned drawings.

When you are satisfied with the product design we will provide you with the best possible price and delivery options.

What to consider about aluminium extrusions

A solid section die is cheaper than a hollow section e.g. a fully enclosed cavity (tube)

The wall thickness
The thinner the section the more difficult it becomes to extrude with accuracy

Custom make Aluminium Extrusions

Alloy and temper
Is the product to be formed or shaped? Softer aluminium alloys may be required as compared to a structural or marine aluminium alloy. Temper is also important.

Aluminium Alloys recommended 1350,6060, 6261, 6351 and 6082

Temper - F, O,T1, T4, T5, T6, and T8

Tolerances should be considered for componentry

Surface Treatment such as anodising and powdercoating should be considered if the aluminium extrusion is to be used in a marine environment or an area with high levels of airborne contaminants.

The finished length of the product needs to be considered for economy.

Sound confusing? Not really - that's what we are here for.

Email us to get the ball rolling or phone 0800 500 338 to reach your nearest Ullrich Aluminium branch.

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