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Company Profile - Foreword by Gilbert Ullrich

At the risk of being described as biased, one of the tenets that we at Ullrich Aluminium work to, is that the aluminium age is now upon us. The 21st century will see the fruition of the development of this remarkable product. The stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the era of steel, and now aluminium will supplant them all!

Gilbert W. Ullrich

In our own way, we will have been part of this evolution. Already we have been privileged enough to be involved in the development of an extruded aluminium engine, and this is simply one of the many new technology and development projects that we are assisting on.

Improvements in aluminium metallurgy, quality, and finish promise to revolutionise the properties of this, already versatile, product and it would be fair to say that within our rganisation we consider ourselves to be among the advance guard of a new technology. From our engineers building water towers and boats in their spare time, to our draughting personnel using CAD tools to design new profiles in extrusions, we believe that our product is still in its infancy, still exciting, and a sunrise industry if ever there was one.

If you want to know what aluminium can do for you, we think we have a lot of the answers or at least access to them. Talk to us and you will find we have a genuine passion for our product and industry.

Gilbert W. Ullrich

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