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Ramps - ramps for vans, trailers and trucks

Ramps are an essential item when it comes to transporting machinery or walk-behind equipment. Ramps must be safe, strong and light to man-handle. These industrial weight ramps are constructed of high tensile alloy extrusions with superior traction and safety.

Ramps for trucks and trailers

Van Ramps

Aluminium ramps specially designed for unloading bulky items from vans and trailers.

Ramps are great for unloading:

  • Appliances
  • Entertainment gear
  • Floorsanders
  • Furniture
  • Waterblasters
  • Wheelchairs

Ramps for vans

Ramps are rated for 250Kg

  • Ramp head is designed to reach over bumper on to floor of van and is lightweight - 13 Kg
  • Specially formed ramp deck to provide excellent traction for walking on
  • Small enough to store in amongst van cargo
  • Ramps are ideal for using at destination - up steps or terraces
  • Helps back strain by making a difficult job safer and easier
  • Standard size of the ramps: 1600mm long and 670mm wide

Ramps for ATVs, Ride-on Mowers and Motorbikes

Ramps for ATvs

Alloy ATV ramps

  • Rated capacity 500 Kg/pair. Weigh only 7 Kg each - easy to carry
  • Good gradient - safe width. Various sizes available
  • Ramp hitches on to tailgate. Available folding

Ride-on Mower ramps

  • Rated capacity 400 Kg/pair. Weigh only 6 Kg each - easy to carry. Various sizes available
  • Good gradient - safe width. Arched to prevent mower deck scraping
  • Ramp hitches on to tailgate. Availabe folding.
  • Mowermate also available for blade maintenance/washing

Motorbike ramps

  • Rated capacity 150Kg/pair. Weigh only 4 Kg - so easy to carry
  • Good gradient - safe width. Various sizes available. Availabe folding
  • Unique 2 piece ramp clips together, extends to 2.2 metres
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