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Ano-Fol Anodised Aluminium for Lighting Reflectors

Download table as a pdf file. Ano-Fol reflective substrates are specially rolled and processed through an electrolytic brightening process to achieve their highly reflective qualities. Total reflective values ranging from 85% to 88%, specular values up to 90% and diffusion values up to 5% are achieved, providing high control over light reflection.

The following figures relate to the Ano-Fol standard range - even higher light reflectivity is achievable with the enhanced Ano-Fol 1000 specifications. Reflectormatt and Multidirectional finishes are designed to provide a higher diffuse reflectivity than the specular Ano-Fol finishes, creating the higher surface illuminance necessary for some design criteria.

AII Ano-fol finishes feature a very durable anodic film with high ductility to enable cutting, roll-forming and bending during manufacture without structural damage to the aluminium or the anodic layer. Contact your Ullrich Aluminium Technical Consultant for information on the latest Ano-Fol design and manufacturing advances.

Ano-Fol Anodised Aluminium for Lighting Reflectors

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