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Alcan Herkal HK34® Aluminium Alloy

From the very soft to the very hard aluminium sheet

Alcan reinforce hardness at the heart of Herkal HK34® - a pioneering material. Herkal HK34®, the aluminium alloy developed by Alcan, has excellent mechanical characteristics that are perfect for specific applications as in the case of aluminium in industrial vehicles.

Herkal HK34® - fibrous structure

Herkal HK34® is designed for use for the floors and sides of tippers and is ideal for bulk transportation of a wide variety of products.It meets the needs of both grain producers and carriers of recycled goods. In the field of public works, tippers made of Herkal HK34® carry sand, earth, gravel and rubble with the exception of large sized rocks. Herkal HK34® is the perfect alloy for tippers where the following characteristics are essential:

  • maximum payload
  • short turnaround time
  • durability

Unassailable longevity
Herkal HK34® which is an aluminium alloy of the 5000 series has a high magnesium content. This has resulted in achieving both a high hardness while retaining its formability properties. All these characteristics combined with a fibrous internal structure give Herkal HK34® great resistance to abrasion.


The thickness of the aluminium plate can be customised according to the intended use. For example, thicknesses of 6 to 10mm are commonly used for making aluminium tipper floors.

Additional capacity: lightness
Aluminium has a density only a third that of steel, giving significant decrease in weight. The payload can therefore be increased by several hundred kilos for tippers on lorries and by more than 2 tonnes for larger articulated vehicles.

Attractive appearance and design
In addition to all these technical advantages the long lasting metallic finish of combines an attractive appearance with resistance to corrosion. Its resistance and ease of use enable various models of tippers to be designed: standard rectangular cross-section or ones of semi-circular cross-section enabling a low centre of gravity.

Mechanical properties - minimal and typical of Herkal® sheets

Herkal HK34® data

Herkal HK34® graph

Dimensional possibilities of Herkal® sheets

Sheet Herkal HK34®is normally ordered in the following sizes:

Herkal HK34® data

Herkal HK34® is used for flat for tipper floors. It can also be bent to suit the design of tippers of semi-circular cross-section. bending guaranteed for angles >90° with bending radius > 4 times the thickness of the sheet.

Herkal HK34® data

Abrasion resistance test
The Taber® abrasion test using a grade H18 grinding wheel under a load of 1,000g for 2,000 revolutions reveals the differences in behavior of different types of aluminium sheet when subjected to wear. The fibrous structure and high limit of elasticity of Herkal HK34® result in a lower loss of mass.

Taber® Test - Loss of mass against limit of elasticity

Herkal HK34® loss of mass graph

Reference specification:IS 5091

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