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Roofing Fastening Systems

Ullrich supply a wide range of roofing fasteners including aluminium hook bolts, self-tapping coach screws, aluminium drive nails, aluminium roundhead screws, angular and curved profile washers, domed and neoprene RB200 washers, mushroom-head seam bolts and flat aluminium washers and flat neoprene washers.

Self-tapping coach screws

Self tapping coach screws

Tek®: For drilling into steel up to 6.4mm thick. Length of the drilling flutes determine the amount of drilling chip expelled and therefore the material thickness able to be drilled. Consult Ullrich Technical Support for data on drilling capacity of various screw sizes, and the diameter, length and washer system to suit selected sheet and purlin material.

Type 17: For fastening metal roofing sheet into timber. Screw threads extend right to the point to pull the screw into the timber as it is driven, reducing operator pressure and preventing over-running (stripping of screw thread due to insufficient pressure).

Self-tapping coach screws

Important Information on roofing fixings

Verify with Ullrich Technical Support that fastener durability is at least equal to the selected substrate. Continuous sheet lengths of over 8 metres require special sliding fixings to allow for thermal movement (eg: LT7 aluminium industrial profile: 1.12mm per metre at 50°C). All dimensions shown in mm. Diagrams are schematic and not intended for design.

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