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Sealium® Sheets and Plates

Sealium Aluminium SheetsThis specification defines the properties and characteristics of Sealium® marine grade aluminium alloy, delivered by Alcan Marine as sheets or plates.

Created and registered by Alcan Marine, Sealium® optimises the overall productivity of shipbuilders and the performance of vessels in general as it makes vessels more robust, safer, and user-friendly.

In just a few years, Sealium® has become the international industry reference for fast ferries, and other marine craft.

Applications of Sealium®

Sealium® may be used wherever a stronger welded aluminium structure is desired, from hulls to superstructures. Marine structures benefit from the excellent corrosion resistance offered by Sealium®.

Smaller boats (< 50 m) benefit from improved scantlings, which translate into structural weight savings on patrol craft, increased strength on workboats or added interior space in luxury yachts. Larger vessels (> 50 m) profit from the increased strength and improved fatigue behaviour of Sealium®. Cruise ship superstructures can be lightened further while improving stability and not compromising strength or corrosion resistance.

Selium bending properties

Advantages of Sealium®

  • 15% higher welded yield strength than standard 5083 alloy:
  • Increased margin of safety from same scantlings
  • Significant weight savings from optimised scantlings
  • Proven improved corrosion resistance and increased fatigue strength
  • Same usage properties as 5083 alloy:
  • Formability: same cutting, bending and shaping
  • Welding : no change in welding procedure, consumables or heat induced deformation
  • Greater recycling value for the entire Sealium® welded assembly.

Selium bending properties

Corrosion resistance
Sheets or plates made of Sealium® marine grade aluminium alloy offer a guaranty of intergranular and exfoliation corrosion resistance for severe marine applications as described in ASTM B928 (marine hull construction or marine applications where frequent or constant direct contact with sea water is expected). Accelerated tests and marine exposure (air and immersion) as well as experience have proven the long term corrosion resistance of Sealium®. Sealium® offers a better mechanical resistance on welded components than standard alloy 5083 with a good or better corrosion resistance.

Selium bending properties

Minimal mechanical properties as per Alcan specification IS 5423. As information, welded Sealium® shows a Rp minimal value of 145 Mpa or 21 ksi to be compared to 125 Mpa or 18 ksi for atandard 5083 alloy. This value is considered by the main classification societies.

Bending properties
Sealium® sheets (th < 12.5 mm or 0.492 in.) are capable of being bent cold through an angle of 90 deg. around a pin having a radius equal to N times the thickness (th) of the sheet without cracking.

Selium bending properties

The certified minimum bending radius is given in the following table:

Selium bending properties

Type approval
Sealium® sheets/plates have been approved by the major classification societies:

  • American Bureau of Shipping, USA (ABS)
  • Bureau Veritas, France (BV)
  • Det Norske Veritas, Norway (DNV)
  • Germanisher Lloyd, Germany (GL)
  • Lloydís Register of Shipping, UK (LR)
  • Nippon Kaiiji Kyokai, Japan (Class NK)
  • Registro Italiano Navale, Italy (RINA)

Standard manufacturing capabilities of Alcan Marine

Selium Standard manufacturing capabilities

Contact us for non-standard dimensions and specific tolerances and properties are available upon request.

Reference specification Alcan Marine specification: IS 5423

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