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WinterLiteTM™ Privacy and Sunlight Control Panels

Claddings and Sidings

Winterlite™ is a contoured mesh profile designed to provide effective visual privacy and year round sunlight control in awnings, pergolas and fence panels and vertical privacy screen applications. The powder coated, lightweight aluminium panels offer easy installation, good appearance and low maintenance. A range of powder coated colours are selected to provide architectural uniformity with contemporary roof finishes.

Winterlite Privacy and Sunlight Control Panels

Screw fasteners are fixed with a neoprene washer and may require a profiled metal washer in some situations. Multiple sheet installations require pop-riveted sheet jointing (see Panel Jointing Detail). To ensure fastener durability is at least equal to the durability of the sheet product, and for full details of installation procedures, contact Ullrich Technical Support.

Winterlite Privacy and Sunlight Control Panels

Privacy and Sunlight Control Panels Materials Ordering

  1. Calculate number of sheets required using the Sheet Cover information.
  2. Calculate length of end capping required to cover open edges of perimeter of installation.
  3. Calculate the number of fastenings at 5 fastenings per panel width at each rafter.
    (a) For timber rafters, specify 12g x 65mm Type 17 screws at panel ends and 12g x 25mm Type 17 screws for intermediate fixings, OR
    (b) For steel rafters, specify 12g x 65mm self-drilling Tek screws at panel ends and 12g x 20mm Tek screws for intermediate fixings.
  4. Multiple panel installations require a 15mm overlap at end joints, and 40mm overlap at side joints, fixed with 3.2 dia x 6.4 grip-length pop-rivets as illustrated:

Winterlite Privacy and Sunlight Control Panels

Installation Guidelines

  1. Install WinterLiteTM panels using the recommended fasteners, fastener spacings, cutting guidelines and panel jointing techniques.
  2. Predrill panels with 6mm dia holes for screw fixing.
  3. Fix intermediate screws through the trough of the profile at the same angle as the profile.
  4. Fix panel ends vertically through edge capping.
  5. Avoid panel end joints at mid-span and plan for joins at rafters where possible.
  6. Fit edge capping to open edges of perimeter of installation and fasten at each rafter contact, through the edge capping profile and the WinterLiteTM panel.

Important Information

  • WinterLiteTMTM is designed as a covering, not a structural roofing material, and should not be walked on. Where effective sunlight control is important in eg: pergola and awning applications, ensure that arrow indicators on panels face north. CAUTION: Cut edges can be sharp.
  • All dimensions shown in mm.
  • Diagrams are schematic and not intended as specification drawings.

WinterLite™ colours - White, Heritage Green, Primrose, Ranch Brown, Bronze Olive and Heritage Red.

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