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Grandstands and Portable stackable aluminium seating systems

Superseat Grandstand SeatingSuperseat Grandstand Features

Lots of Seats!
Available in 4, 5, 6 & 7 level variants; the Superseat grandstand range can seat up to 42 adults, or 63 children per unit (bay).

What a View!
The generous 300mm rise between seats ensures those seated have excellent sightlines.

Sitting Comfortably?
The Superseat is extremely customisable, allowing anything from simple bench seats to full back chairs.

Standing Room
Dedicated Seating Benches remove easily to create a standing riser for choirs etc. or to form a lower seating height for children.

Units simply unclip into manageable pieces that fit through a standard doorway. Two person set up in under 20 mins!

Our exclusive Extendeck system allows you to join multiple bays together for greater capacity using less parts, saving you money!

The unique design of these grandstands means they’re just as easy to set-up and enjoy in a school hall as they are on a sports field.




Portable stackable aluminium seating

  • Lightweight Seating - easy to install, move or store
  • Strength - aluminium has a very high strength to weight ratio with outstanding durability
  • Low maintenance - aluminium requires minimal maintenance - no need to paint, no cracking, warping or splintering like other materials
  • Versatile seating - support heights can be easily modified to suit children
  • Seat lengths range from 2 - 6 metres
  • Seating with long life - aluminium has an extremely long life
  • Excellent in salt water environment
  • User friendly - aluminium seating has smoth rounded edges with protective end caps eliminating potential hazards. It is ideal seating for school playgrounds, sports ovals,stadiums and parks

Finishes - available in mill finish, clear anodised and powder coated

Outdoor seating

Bench seating systems

Seating Systems

Bench Seating

  • Standard lengths - available 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 6 metres
  • With or without backrests and supports to suit

Park and Picnic 6 Seater

  • 755 high
  • 2000 O/A length
  • 1640 O/A width
  • supports 1600 centre max
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